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?? sushi bowl ??

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Adjust Servings:
4 cups rice medium grain rice (NISHIKI)
500 g Champignons brown
2 tbsp Butter
3 tbsp Oyster Sauce
6 tbsp rice vinegar
4 tbsp AJI-MIRIN
1 pack roasted seaweed from Kirkland
4 pieces Avocado
100 g Edamame
0.5 piece cucumber
12 pieces Shrimps
5 tbsp sesame

?? sushi bowl ??

A delicious and easy variation for sushi lovers.

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The escaped fish is always the largest.

Asian wisdom

  • 35 Min
  • Serves 4
  • Easy




What many people do not know about sushi: origin and effect on the body

About “sushi” almost everyone has already heard and connects a dish from Japan. The one likes it, the other does not like it at all, but most people have one thing in common: they do not even know how healthy the food is. Sushi does not only consist of very fresh ingredients, but also contains almost 100% healthy ingredients. The whole food is extremely low in fat and therefore does not pollute the organism. The fresh fish contains omega-3 fatty acids and protects the blood vessels. The risk of stroke and heart attacks is therefore reduced. The rice also favors weight loss, because it makes the blood glucose slowly rise. This results in a fast and also lasting saturation feeling, so that not too much food or subsequent is taken. By the way, it is true that sushi has now become a true traditional food from Japan, but originally it does not come from there. Sushi is actually from Southeast Asia. The inhabitants along the Mekong (a Chinese river) wanted to preserve their fish for a long time and still eat raw. They therefore salty him after cleansing and laid it on rice. The upper side was then completely covered with rice and the whole was weighted with stones. So the fish could be eaten for many months. The method was refined over time, so that at the end of the rice it was no longer only a means to an end, but a meal from the rice-fish mixture: sushi. After this food became a tradition in all of China, they were also adopted in Japan.



Put all ingredients ready


Cooking the rice

Start with the rice and boil it.


Fry the mushrooms

Subsequently, the mushrooms are washed and cut into 5 mm thin slices. Then halve the slices again in the middle.
Now add 2 tbsp butter, as well as the mushrooms in a coated pan. This is then stewed on small to medium level.
When the mushrooms have collapsed, add the oyster sauce, mix the whole and allow them to cool in a separate bowl.


Cut the sea grass

While the mushrooms are frying in the pan, the sea grass is sliced ​​on 1x1 cm squares.
These are then placed side by side, as they are only needed for the cooked rice.

TIP: It is faster to cut the sea grass with a pair of scissors than with a knife.


Mix the rice

When the rice is cooked, let it cool in a separate bowl.

As soon as the rice is quite cool, add rice rice as well as the AJI-MIRIN and mix it.
When the sauces and the rice are mixed, the sea grass is added and mixed again.


Prepare the avocado, edamame and cucumber

While the rice continues to cool, cut the avocado, as well as the cucumber into thin, small pieces and remove the casing of the Edamame.
These are then placed in separate bowls.


Serve the bowl

When you have prepared all the ingredients, you can put the rice in a bowl and add the avocado, edamame, cucumber, mushrooms, the shrimp from the fridge, black sesame and, if necessary, some soy sauce.

So the bowl is ready and the food can begin.


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